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Gun Laws in Brazil, a First-hand Account

PT-BR O artigo que segue, em inglês, sobre minha experiência em comprar minha primeira arma de fogo foi escrito para ser publicado num fórum estrangeiro sobre armas de fogo a pedido de um terceiro. Como isso nunca aconteceu, estou disponibilizando aqui, só para que todos esses bytes não morram inúteis.

EN The following article about my experience in purchasing my first handgun was intended to be published in a handgun forum, by request of a third party. Since this never happened, I am publishing it here, just so all these bytes donʼt die. Please forgive my written English, as it is not my first language.

Full disclosure: I am not a lawyer. What follows is my understanding of the current legislation in Brazil regarding firearms ownership, transportation and commerce, and my limited experience in going through the processes of becoming a shooter and acquiring my first handgun.

Brazilʼs gun liberties have been declining since the early 1990ʼs, while Fernando Henrique Cardosoʼs was president. Before this time, you could buy handguns, shotguns and rifles in stores and walk out with your purchase. In 2005, under former president Lulaʼs government, a referendum was held in which the people were asked to vote if “the commerce of firearms and ammunition should be prohibited in Brazil”. Over 59 million people voted “no” to this question (63.94%), hoping to preserve our rights to buy and keep guns, albeit still under strict government control.

In spite of the overwhelming popular demand that these rights should be kept, it is nearly impossible; if not ridiculously expensive, bureaucratic and a seemingly endless process to be a gun owner in Brazil.

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LensHero: your dSLR lens wizard

Do you own a digital SLR camera? Are you a photography enthusiast? Are you happy with the lenses you got? Are you having a hard time choosing your next lens?

LensHero.comIf you answered yes to any of the questions above, have I got a site for you! Visit From the same people who brought us, LensHero is their brand new site to help sort through the hundreds of lenses available for nearly every camera out there.

It is very intuitive to use and works very similar to SnapSort: you can get recommendations based on the lens mount you own, and you can filter by your budget, brand, lens type, and a myriad of other options.

LensHero: choose your dSLRIf you’re new to digital photography, LensHero is just as user-friendly as SnapSort: you enter your camera model and it automatically identifies your lens mount and sensor type. Then you indicate how much you’re willing to spend.

You can then browse lenses by style (macro & close-up, wide angle, telephoto, fisheye, tilt-shift, portrait, sports & action, landscape, low light, wild life or travel) or by the amount of zoom you need (you set start and ending values in millimeters).

The third option is to let the site know what lenses you already own, and ask it to suggest a lens for you. You can still browse through several of the styles I mentioned before, but you get more straight-forward suggestions.

LensHero: get suggestion for your next dSLR lensTheir database seems very comprehensive and the site is just starting out. Once you’ve selected a lens, you can get detailed information about it, along with technical specifications, discussion forum, reviews and the works!

What is still missing: comparing lenses would be very sweet, and I believe this is just a few lines of code away, since these are the creators of SnapSort, after all. Also, more filtering options would be nice (auto-focus, aperture, minimal focal length, etc.).

For a website that has launched just now, LensHero is highly recommended. If you’re serious about photography, or just starting out in the digital single lens reflex camera world like me, then you have to keep LensHero in your favorites right away.